Dutch Hill Chocolates



We’re Dutch Hill Chocolates, an independently owned Chocolate Shop with a variety of chocolates to satisfy every taste bud. Since 1950, we’ve perfected our recipes with only the highest quality ingredients to make sure our products are extraordinary.



Dutch Hill Chocolates

Years of trial and error along with very discerning “sweet teeth” have culminated to bring you,  the candy lover, what we truly believe to be the most delicious butter creams that you’ll ever eat.

Over the past 50 years, the family has strived to produce the highest quality chocolate products that money can buy. High quality to us means that we continue to make our products in house with the original recipes, and do not add any preservatives.


 Many think that the word gourmet should appear somewhere on our packaging. Well, perhaps it should. You be the judge.

We are confident, though, of one thing. Each time you treat yourself to Dutch Hill Chocolates, your taste buds will soar to new heights of epicurean pleasure. That may be a cliché, but it’s true, nonetheless. Trust us!

Chocolate Truffle Selection
“Over the years I have come to rely on Dutch Hill Chocolates for the finest quality chocolate products. With the utmost confidence in their chocolate quality, we chose Dutch Hill to provide the favors for my daughter's wedding.The favors were apples covered with caramel and chocolate with a commemorative message. During the entire process, Jerry and her staff were extremely professional making certain we were completely satisfied. We were so incredibly impressed with the favors that we have made the caramel apples an annual holiday tradition. We will continue to make Dutch Hill Chocolates our first choice for all things chocolate!”
-J Wharton